Margaret Evans Porter, Honorary Word Wench & Her Book Winner.

Cat_243_dover Margaret now joins the elite sisterhood of those who have been Word Wench guests more than once.  Thank you, Margaret!  Your virtual gift is this elegant pair of French opera glasses so you can see the stage properly from your box.                            

Anyone interested in more information about opera glasses can visit The College ofAntique_opera_glasses  Optometrists site at   Very interesting!

And the winner of Margaret’s double volume of Signet theatrical Regencies is–<cue the drum roll> Karen Hore, a theatrical history expert from the other side of the pond.  Karen’s comments added to the fun and information.  (Honestly, folks, it really was random chance!)  Congratulations, Karen. 

Thanks again, Margaret.  I’m already contemplating asking you back some day to talk about historical gardens. <G>

Mary Jo

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