Laura Resnick, H.W.W.

The Wenches would like to thank Laura Resnick for being our guest on Word Wenches! What a great interview (kudos to Mary Jo too!). We’re so pleased that Laura agreed to share her wit and wisdom with us, and to talk about her newest fantasy novel, DISAPPEARING NIGHTLY. We hope she’ll come back again soon.

As a token of gratitude, we’d like to present Laura with a Word Wenches Guest Award…

***Laura Resnick is hereby declared an Honorary Word Wench, with all the privileges and honors therein:

~You are welcome to visit Word Wenches and comment any time you want!  (wooohoooo)

~Your name will be engraved in the Word Wenches Honor Roll (see sidebar! your name in print! wow!)

~Feel free to announce your new books and Blatantly Self-Promote (contact any Wench or our Wench Whipmistress for further details)

~You may put HWW after your signature, as an Honorary Word Wench

We‘d like to present you with this small gift, a stunning Virtual Dragon Fan to bring luck and good fortune to future endeavors — Fan_1

~love from the Wenches (and Whip)

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