Karleen Koen, HWW!

Thank you, Karleen Koen, for being our guest! What a great interview – we enjoyed learning more about your books and we wish you the best of luck with them.

We have a tradition at Word Wenches — we thank our guests by bestowing the H.W.W. title — Honorary Word Wench — which you will want to attach to your name at every Dordogne chateau opportunity, or at least when you come back to visit us again!

We'd also like to give you something special as a thanks — a virtual gift. And because it's virtual we can splurge wildly, so we chose something we think you'll really love. Here's something to enjoy from afar — a medieval French chateau in the Dordogne, the perfect place to dream up your next historical novel revolving around Louis XIV and his pals.

Library dordogne When we saw the library in this one, we knew it was the perfect retreat for a writer.

More details about this fabulous place, and other chateaux for sale, are available here.

 Thank you, Karleen!

~ the Word Wenches 

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