Karen Harbaugh, HWW

Drage01_2 The Word Wenches would like to thank KAREN HARBAUGH (a little belatedly, but that’s the Mercury retrograde for ya!) for being our guest, and for helping us to kick off Dragon Month with the Wenches!

We are so glad that Karen could find time to visit with us — wonderful interview (and I am not only eager to read more books, but to see some of her fabulous hand-spun yarns!)– and we’d like to present her with this award….

~Karen, you are officially an Honorary Word Wench (we know, it’s just so kewl) — and you may add HWW after your signature

~Please feel more than welcome to return to Word Wenches at any time to visit, comment, and even promote your books here 

Redsilkfan_1 As a sincere token of our appreciation and admiration, please accept this virtual Regency Fan A La Orientale  — may its exotic beauty remind you of your special day in Wenchland!

luv from the Seven Wenches and the Whipster

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