Kalen Hughes, Honorary Word Wench

Kalenfan_2We’d like to offer our more appreciative thanks to Kalen Hughes for her two splendid blogs on Regency dress –- Kalen, when it comes to dressing our characters, you’re the best!

In honor of having so generously shared your expertise and your collections with us, we’d like to welcome you as a full-fledged (and full-dress) Honorary Word Wench, with all due fanfares and acclaim.  We’d also like you to be our first and only Mistress of the Word Wenches Wardrobe, including the historically correct, no-limit, platinum Visa card that will ever after be a sign of your supreme powers in matters of wenchly attire
Since you already possess nearly every possible Regency-era fan, we’re also giving you a slightly earlier one for your collection, an early 16th century version made of virtual silk and ivory such as was carried by Marie de Medici at the French court (which really isn’t THAT far removed from re-enactor Marin County, is it? *g*)

Many, many thanks, Kalen!
The Word Wenches

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