(1) Stephanie Laurens, HWW (2) Book Winner

StephLaurensArmor HWW:

Stephanie, thank you so much for dropping by for a visit. It's traditional for the Wenches to give our guests virtual gifts as that allows us to be extremely generous.  Since you like to write about military men, Jo thought a magnificent suit of 16th century armour would be just the ticket to grace your entry hall.  (Unfortunately, with no hero inside.)  You are now an Honorary Word Wench, with all the privileges that entails.  You may put the initials HWW after your name, to impress and confound the uninitiated.


Don't go away, folks.  Ann Kerbs, you have won a book from Stephanie.  Please contact Jo Beverley with your mailing address (and cc Sherrie, please).  Congratulations, Ann!

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