Happy Beginnings

With the holidays now past us, we Wenches decided we’d welcome in the new year in a new way, with a look at how we each begin a book.  There’s no right or wrong way, of course.  Not only does every writer have her own method, but every book and set of characters seems to suggest something different as well.  During our January blogs, we’ll each post the beginning to one of our favorite books, and explain how and why we chose to start the way we did.  We tend to talk more about history and characters than the craft of writing here at the Wenches, so here’s the chance to ask that question you’ve always wondered, from why we opened with the hero’s point of view, or how we chose the historical time period for the setting. We’ll be giving away copies of the featured books to a randomly chosen reply, so please post away.

And a happy, happy 2008 to you all!

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