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Guest Karen Harper will be returning on Wednesday, March 16, hosted by Wench Susan.  Karen is a prolific writer and her books run the gamut from historical to contemporary, and from Amish to Irish!  Please join us this Wednesday and find out what's the latest in Karen's life.



We have a whole new crop of winners since our last announcement.  Iva Steele won a book from Nicola Cornick and Danielle Gorman won a book from Cara Elliott.  Jeanne Sheats scored a book from Jo Beverley.  Cynthia Owens was the winner of a book from Anne Gracie.  Guest Christina Courtenay awarded a book to Tara Chevrestt.  And last but not least, Kate McAuliffe won a A-WinnerRight book from Mary Jo's alter ego, M.J. Putney.  Congratulations, winners! 

This has been an exciting month for several Honorary Word Wenches (and one Honorary Word Wizard!).  Read on for the latest in HWW news:


HWDougieMacLeanW (Wizard category):  Wenchly congratulations go to Scottish singer/songwriter Dougie MacLean, who was recently granted an OBE. The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire is an order of chivalry established on 4 June 1917 by George V of the United Kingdom.  Dougie, who says he was "gobsmacked" to receive such an honor, has a brand new CD, "Resolution," available now. (Photo credit:  Irene Young)


Congratulations to Honorary Word Wench Elizabeth Chadwick, who visited us last year to talk about her medieval historical novels. To Defy A King was short listed for the RNA (Romantic Novelists ElizChadwick Association) Romantic Novel of the Year, and won the Best Historical Novel award. Isn't that splendid?  You can read about the awards here.  Visit Elizabeth's Web site here.  You can also view the book trailer for To Defy a King here.



At our request, Louise Allen sent us the following regarding her RNA win:  "I was delighted, and very honoured, when The Piratical Miss Ravenhurst (The Mutinous Miss Ravenhurst in Australia/New Zealand) was shortlisted for the Love Story of the Year Award because it is one of my favourite books L.AllenPiratical and I have to admit to being rather fond of Nathan Stanier, the hero. Winning was a complete shock and an absolute thrill – so much so that I didn't even notice that they were playing the theme from Pirates of the Caribbean while I was going up to collect the trophy!
"I had wanted to do a pirate book for some time, but not with a dashing pirate hero. I have always suspected that pirates were just as nasty, brutal, unwashed and unglamorous as the average highwayman – and I speak as someone with two hanged highwaymen in her ancestry. I set out to make these pirates as unpleasant as I imagined they were in reality. Captain Red Matthew Tiernan is named for his love of blood, not the colour of his hair, and when he hoists the skull and crossbones they are the real thing, not a flag.

"My heroine, Clemence Ravenhurst, finds herself bundled on board the Sea Scorpion in Kingston, Jamaica and all that stands between her and a very unpleasant end is the enigmatic navigator, Nathan Stanier. I named Clemence because I wanted a name that could be shortened to a boy's name and I thought it was unusual. About half-way through the writing I found an early 19thc fan in an antiques L.AllenFan auction and bought it, virtually unchecked, for a song. When I was able to examine it I found that it was French, printed with the picture of a "love lottery" with fat little cherubs drawing lots for love for six young women. Each receives a verse describing the virtues their true love will have. One girl will have no love, another a man with only one virtue, another has a lover with two virtues, right up to the sixth, who will meet a man with the "fivefold virtues. And her name was Clèmence. I couldn't believe the coincidence. Of course, after that, Nathan has to buy Clemence the fan in the book!
Congratulations to everyone, shortlisted and winners, of the Pure Passion Awards."

Kudos to our winners and HWWs from the Word Wenches!  Late breaking news:  Jo Beverley sent this picture of the RNA winners.  Congrats to all!

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