Festive Indulgence

Christina here. The holidays are over for most of us and it’s time to return to normal and go back to work. It can be hard at first to get into our everyday routines, but it helps if we can still allow ourselves a little festive indulgence now and then. It wouldn’t have been Christmas without lots of candy and sweets, and perhaps, like me, you have some left over? My favourites are always of the chocolate variety, and this year I was lucky enough to receive several gorgeous boxes, which I haven’t quite emptied yet.

The most beautiful ones were these praline and ganache selection boxes from Fortnum & Mason in London. I would have bought those for the boxes alone! (And I’ll be keeping them once they are empty). Another gorgeous treat was a gift from a friend – Christmassy chocolates that tasted as good as they looked! I’m not usually one for complicated chocolates though, and it wouldn’t be the festive season for me without some Ferrero Rochers. I don’t need them stacked into a fancy pyramid, the way they’re shown in adverts on TV, but I do insist on them being kept in the fridge as they taste much better cold! Finally, in our family it’s tradition to eat Terry’s Chocolate Orange this time of year, and I confess that several of those were consumed during the last two weeks. Simple, but oh so delicious!

I used to make chocolate toffee every year, following a recipe handed down from my grandmother, but I didn’t have time so it will have to wait for next Christmas. Probably just as well as I think I have enough to be getting on with – this lot will fuel my writing for the next few weeks!

Do you have any favourite chocolates or other sweets that you just have to have this time of year? And are there any left for you to enjoy now? Recipes welcome if they are home made!

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  1. Our cupboards are practically bare! My daughter and husband have a real sweet tooth. Nothing lasts very long. I was never one for sweet things, I’m more of a savory person but I have to admit I indulged quite a bit this year. So now the walking must start 🙂
    A favourite of mine at Christmas is Jacobs Chocolate Mallows. Since I was a child there is always a box purchased.
    Enjoy your choccies Christina!

  2. Christina–sadly for a romance writer, I’m not actually a chocoholic, though I do enjoy it now and then. My favorite is from a local European-born chocolatier–hazelnuts dipped in dark chocolate. Insanely good, and since they’re most nuts, I can claim they’re healthy!

  3. Like Teresa, my cupboards are almost bare so this afternoon I’ll be off for a big shop. I’m craving fruit and vegies. I didn’t get given any chocolate or sweets this year, but I gave a lot of homemade “Christmas Crack” away, which I do every year. I planned to make more homemade goodies, but with a looming deadline, I didn’t.

    • Your home made gifts sound wonderful, Anne! I love doing things like that too but rarely get round to it. And I have to admit I’m starting to crave savoury things now – am having a huge salad for dinner!

  4. I’m in the US, where we have King Leo candy canes and peppermint sticks. You could use the peppermint sticks as weapons, they are so thick. I try to avoid sugar but each year I have go get a couple of them for decorations.

    • I can imagine they would look great hung up, Janice! I haven’t had a candy cane for ages but I do like them even if they’re a bit difficult to eat without breaking your teeth 🙂

  5. I may be a little too familiar with the term chocoholic! Thank you for your mouthwatering post, Christina.

    There are indeed a number of goodies currently lurking in the house. My sister sent a box of chocolate covered pretzels that are quite addictive; I think it’s the combination of salt and sweet. Sadly, my husband can no longer eat wheat, so I will have to eat them all by myself. (Unless I am strong and save a portion for my daughter who will be visiting from South Korea in March.)


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