Erika Tsang, HWW!

We’d like to thank our guest, Erika Tsang of Avon Books, for visiting Word Wenches! A fun blog and great questions, Erika. We’ve all enjoyed it.

Now to bestow our Word Wenches award (because we Wenches are a polite lot):

— Erika, we hereby declare you an Honorary Word Wench, which means you may now add HWW after your signature and on conference badges!

— Feel free to return to Word Wenches any time to say hello!   😉

The Word Wenches have established a Virtual Award Fund (which means we have no award fund but wish we did). This is how it works: if we DID have a fund, we would get this gift for you:

Indiana_jones This stunning lifelike replica of Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones! 

Since your bio says that you love romance heroes fashioned after Harrison Ford, the Wenches wish they could give you this little plastic guy modeled after Harrison!  You may follow this link — to drool over your virtual Action Figure. We think he’d look right at home on your desk, watching over you and your work at Avon.   

Thank you, Erika Tsang, HWW — you’ve been a wonderful guest and we hope you’ll visit us again.

Enjoy your virtual Indy! 

The Seven Wenches and Sherrie the Whipster

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