Dr. Josh, HWW!

Thank you, Dr. Josh, for another great post about historical medicine. Here at Word Wenches, our tradition is to show our gratitude to our guests by bestowing upon them a singular honor when we elevate them to the status of Honorary Word Wench, and award them a virtual gift chosen just for them.

Since you're not a wench, ahem, we've decided to declare you, Dr. Josh, our first ever Honorary Word Wizard! This entitles you to add the initials H.W.W. after your name. Now when you sign off as Dr. Josh, M.D., H.W.W., your medical colleagues will be mighty impressed by all those mysterious and erudite letters, especially if you don't tell them what it means.

Viking costume Your virtual award is something we thought you'd enjoy, since your nickname is sometimes "the Viking" (meaning, "tall, cute blond guy") … your very own Viking Costume!!  This was chosen just for you at an apres-Halloween discount (if you're hankering for the real thing, and who could blame you, it can be found at www.walmart.com). Just the thing for researching Anglo-Saxon medicine — and perfect for a guy who hangs out with Wenches, ja?

AND, since you have been a guest of the Wenches before, we'll throw in, at no Reindeer dog extra charge, this fabulous one-of-a-kind reindeer costume for Reesie, your adorable beagle-Jack Russell mix — just the companion every Viking doc needs! (www.costumedogs.com).


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