Dougie MacLean, HWW!

It's our honored tradition here at Word Wenches to thank our guests with a virtual gift (because we don't have a budget for guest gifts, and we can give waaaay better gifts virtually) — and by declaring them Honorary Word Wenches or HWWs (Honorary Word Wizards for guys who may feel hinky about being called Honorary Wenches…).

For Dougie MacLean, taking into account his interests in history and archaeology, we've chosen this virtual Scottish castle ruin: Baltersan Castle in SW Ayrshire, a ruined 16th century tower house currently for sale — much in need of restoration, it would be fun for a historian and archaeologist to own! Given the fascinating history of the place, we figure that Dougie (as Laird of Baltersan) could write some great songs here.

Archaeology trowel Finally, the perfect complement for the perfect castle-ruin gift: an archaeologist's trowel!

Enjoy your virtual gifts, Dougie, HWW — and thank you for visiting the Word Wenches!


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