Congratulations, Jo and Loretta!


Congrats to Wench Emerita Loretta Chase for winning two categories in this year's AAR Annual Reader pollYour Scandalous Ways won Best Historical Romance Set Outside the U.K. and Best Love Scenes. 

Also, Jo's A Lady's Secret and Loretta's Your Scandalous Ways were both listed in the Reader's Advisor Online list*, "Under the Radar: Great Romances of 2008."

*Please note: This was originally attributed incorrectly to Book Club Classics, which actually got this list from Reader's Advisor Online, a subscription database whose members are libraries across the nation.  Thanks to RAO for so graciously calling this to our attention! You might want to visit the Reader's Advisor Online blog where they publish a roundup of book industry news, booklists, etc. every Monday.

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