Sherrie wields a sharp whip. But that’s why I need an editor. 🙂

I typed bif sky country in the post below, not big sky, and she kindly fixed it for me.

I really am lousy at proofreading. My eye-brain connection just doesn’t do that thing. I do generally get most things right first time, thank heavens, but I’m also deeply grateful for spellcheck, critique friends, and good copy editors. Spellchecking e-mail, however, feels like cheating. (I didn’t say that made sense did I? Are blogs supposed to make sense?)

Is it cheating to spell check a blog? I’m not sure yet. And it wouldn’t have helped if I’d typed bit sky, bib sky, or perhaps even bic sky. Feel free to catch the typos every time I post. I won’t do it deliberately, I promise. But I won’t spellcheck, either.

For all Canadians, happy Victoria day!



Let’s crack some virtual champagne!

It’s exciting to see this get underway. With such great company, this should be fun.

I’m Jo Beverley, an English word wench, though I’ve lived in Canada for decades. I’m just back from a trip to England, visiting friends and relatives and doing research. I love to write and talk about English history.

The thing that always astonishes me about England is that there’s still a lot of open space, even though it’s a densely populated country. What’s more, because anywhere fertile has been intensively farmed for centuries if not millennia, there isn’t that much woodland to obscure views. At times it really is big sky country.

I’ll post pictures now and then, but for now, here is a picture from one of London’s famous parks — Hyde Park.


Jo Beverley

Is it Soup Yet?

When the Word Wenches approached me about the blog project, I asked two questions:  can I wear thigh-high stiletto boots, and can I carry a whip.  The answer was "Yes" to both, and the rest is history!

In real life I’m a freelance editor and writer.  In my fantasy world I get to rub elbows with my favorite authors whose books just happen to occupy a permanent spot on my keeper shelf.  (Can you spell "dream job," boys and girls?)

I’ll be working behind the scenes making sure the blog machine runs smoothly, and even jumping in with a post now and then.  We have some fun things in store for you, so I hope you’ll drop in frequently and join the discussions.  (Admit it–haven’t you always wanted to hang out with a group of wenches?)

Sherrie Holmes, site manager and chief whip yielder