Karyn Witmer Here on Dec. 12

Asimplegift Next  Tuesday, Karyn Witmer will be our guest blogger.  Karyn will talk about the world of writing, her latest contemporary titled A Simple Gift, and–if we whine a little–maybe she’ll even mention her historicals written under the name of Elizabeth Grayson.  If you’d like to prepare yourself for her visit, drop by her website at http://www.elizabethgrayson.com/

In the meantime, we’re cleaning house, dusting the bookshelf, and baking holiday goodies for Karyn’s visit.  It’ll be open house on Tuesday, so come on by and bring all your friends!

Time for Another Guest Interview

DissapearnightMark your calendars and tell your friends!  On Friday, November 10, Mary Jo Putney will interview Laura Resnick in connection with the mass market release of Laura’s urban fantasy, DISAPPEARING NIGHTLY.  The SF Chronicle describes Laura’s book thus: "Seasoned by a good measure of humor, this fantasy mystery is one of the best titles Luna has issued, and a genuine treat for readers of any genre."  If you’d like to know more about this book which Jennifer Crusie calls "A  paranormal screwball comedy adventure. Light, happy, fantastically funny," then please join us on November 10.

Teresa Medeiros Here Tuesday!

Vampirelovedme1Greetings from the Wenches.

On Tuesday, October 17th, our Honorary Wench will beTeresa Medeiros, author of 17 wonderful historical romances, the most recent of which involves vampires. Isn’t that suitable as we approach Halloween? She’ll be blogging on and off all day about writing, historicals, and her new book, THE VAMPIRE WHO LOVED ME.

Of course the Wenches will drop by to party with her, so come along and join in.

We hope you’re all enjoying our random thoughts about life, the universe, and corsets. Please let us know. Also, if you have a burning question for one or more Wenches, or a subject you’d love one of us to blog about, let us know by replying to this post.

Happy reading!

Candice Hern, HWW

Thank you, Candice Hern, for being our very first guest on Word Wenches! You handled the reins of our weblog like a perfect natural, and we are in awe of your writing, your grace and knowledge (and your amazing collection of Regency Stuff!). As a small token of our gratitude, we would like to present you with the very first ever Word Wenches Guest Award!

Candice Hern is now an HONORARY WORD WENCH

with all the privileges and honors therein:

~Candice, you may come to Word Wenches and comment any time you like!

~Your name will top the Wenches Honor Roll in the Hall of Honor (a sidebar list which, er, does not exist at the moment. A future honor.)

~You may announce your new books and post Blatant Self-Promotion pieces any time you like (contact any Wench, or our Wenches Whip, for further details)

~You now have the privilege to put H.W.W. after your signature, as Honorary Word Wench (the Wenches are permitted to add W.W. after their names)

Lastly, we would like to present you with a gift to add to your collection —

this stunning Virtual Fan of unknown date and provenance…. 


With everlasting gratitude and many hugs,

         The Word Wenches (and Whip)