Mothers and Winners!

First order of business:  Happy Mother's Day!  Let's hope all you mothers out MothersDayBouquet there received proper recognition for the superwomen that you are!  Here's a bouquet just for you, courtesy of Wench Anne.

A-Winner And what better way to celebrate Mother's Day than to award a slew of books to Word Wench commenters!  Without further ado, here are the most recent winners:

Liz Brooks won a book from Andrea Pickens.

Virginia DeMarce, Jenna Dawlish, and Louisa Cornell won books from Nicola Cornick.

Dave Duncan's winners are as follows:  Book 1, random pick–Susan Lyons. Book 2, random pick of interesting posts–JMB. Book 3, random pick of posts about genre blending–Nina Paules.

Winners, please send Sherrie your mailing address so that you can receive your books!  Congratulations, everyone!

Printable Bookmarks #2

Bookmarks#2 Andrea has designed more bookmarks.  This is a sneak peek.  For the full printable version, go to the sidebar on the right of this page where it says "Additional Pages."  Click on "Printable Bookmarks #2," and a new page will pop up with a downloadable file.  You can print directly from the file or save it to your computer and print from there.  Watch for more bookmarks in the future.