Carla Kelly, Honorary Word Wench

1valchloesmall  Anne here, popping in to thank Carla Kelly for her interview which sparked so many comments and interesting discussion.

 Carla, it is our custom at Word Wenches to induct our special guests into the ranks of the Honorary Word  Wenches, listed in the column below right. We also offer fabulous and extravagant gifts, which are no less heartfelt for being cyber (and an amazing bargain.) You may also use the initials HWW after your name, to baffle some and impress others.

For your wenchly gift I decided that for your love of history, we'd present you with a time travel machine which, as you see, is based on HG Wells's, only more colorful and modern, and therefore most up-to-date. 😉

Time-travel-machine  Enjoy your travels and we look forward to many more wonderful books from you. With thanks, Anne and the Word Wenches.


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