Boxing Day!

Cat_243_dover_26 From Mary Jo

It’s Boxing Day!  Traditionally the day after Christmas in England and the Commonwealth, there are several possible explanations for the name.  Check out this Wikipedia link if you’d like a bit of historical education on the subject:

In the U. S. of A., this is the first day that curious interregnum between Christmas and New Year’s, where normal life is not exactly reestablished, but we have to go through the motions.  It’s a good time to have lunch with friends, make year end contributions to charities, maybe clean out the closests.

Rd12 Meanwhile, I still have lots of pictures from Laura Resnick’s Reindog Parade Gallery.  Here’s a backpack pooch.

And I’m especially fond of this Jewish dog in his yarmulke and prayer shawl:  He looks very nice in blue.   Reindog4_1

Many thanks to Laura for letting the Word Wenches share her pictures.  Happy Boxing Day to you all!

Mary Jo

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