Beautiful babies!

Congratulations to Edith and family!

Of course Charlie, Billie and Davy are teenagers really, but the appeal of the CBK dolls is based a lot on their realistic head shapes. The baby ones in particular. Newborns are delightfully mysterious little people, fresh from another world. Even if they do mostly look like Winston Churchill on a grumpy day.*g*Churchill

I wouldn’t, of course, dare to offer anyone else’s newborn for comparison, but here’s one of mine!

In looking for a cherubic picture to compensate, I came across this rather alarming one. I’ve heard of child labour, but this is ridiculous!

And I’ve heard of child weddings, but really!Cherubwedd

Words fail me on this one… Cherubsmoke

I give up! The Victorians were very, very weird.

Welcome, Hugo,

Jo 🙂

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