Barbara Samuel, HWW!

The Wenches would like to thank BARBARA SAMUEL for being our guest!

We’re so glad that Barbara took some time to chat with us. Wonderful interview, Mary Jo and Barbara, and a great contribution to Dragon Month in Wenchland. We are looking forward to reading Barbara’s story in DRAGON LOVERS, and we would like to present Barbara with a little Wenchie award….

~Barbara, you are hereby declared an Honorary Word Wench, which means you may now add HWW after your signature

~And you are more than welcome to return to Word Wenches anytime to visit, comment, and promote your books here


As a sincere token of our appreciation and admiration, here’s Kokopelli to honor the creativity in you, Southwestern-style! May its creative luck be with you and remind you of your special day in Wenchland!

luv from the Seven Wenches and the Whipster

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