I Idyll in Maine while Wenches work

The wanderer returns.

My thanks to the Wenches for doing all the heavy lifting of getting the blog going while I was in one of the most beautiful places in the world, gazing at the ocean and stunning sunsets, watching ospreys catch fish and mama seals bring lunch to their offspring.  On Sunday night, while the Wenches were hard at work, preparing for the blog’s grand opening, my husband and I sat in companionable silence watching the beautiful fire he’d made.

No, this is not my usual life style, and yes, I was rusticating.  In Downeast Maine(please somebody, explain what “Downeast” means, because when I look on the map, it’s up, as in north) on one of those tiny inlets within an inlet (or whatever those of maritime knowledge call them).  I know that it’s part of a body of land called the Blue Hill Peninsula and it’s not far from Bangor.  Beyond that, mainly what I know is bliss.  The place belongs to a fascinating family whose patriarch Stan Waterman is a famous underwater photographer.  I am currently reading his memoirs, SEA SALT, and I’m all agog.  That is, when I’m not laughing.  He is a wonderful writer.  Even someone like yours truly–whose knowledge of matters nautical is very close to nonexistent, and has only the dimmest idea of what is going on during Jack Aubrey’s maneuvers at sea–must take joy in an author who not only loves what he does but writes about it so captivatingly, who clearly loves books and the wonders of the English language and all the authors who’ve made music of it.

And so, amazingly enough, this turned out to be about writing after all.

Yours truly,