Mood and Ideas

The theory is that we introduce ourselves today and then take turns posting each day.  Theory and actuality tend to have a wide divide, but let the experiment begin!

I’m Patricia Rice, and I managed to be published in full-length historicals before I wrote my first Regencies, so you realize right up front I tend to do things backwards.  And inside-out.  And in circles, whenever possible. Mary Jo is the linear personality.  I’m just screwed up.  And Jo is our educator.  (loved the post on Canadian holidays, Jo!) We all have very distinct personalities, so it could be entertaining to see how we squabble…discuss life and writing among us and our readers.

Mary Jo asked: "Do you want to know where we get ideas?  Would you like a scholarly dissertation on childbirth in the early 19th century?  On the history of contraceptives?  Or how crazed writers sound when they’re on deadline and the !#$%&* computer crashes? "

And I’d like an answer to that "where do you get your ideas" question because I’ve hunted high and low for mine today and they’ve apparently hidden under the desk where I can’t get at them.

So I’ll ask–where or what was the most unusual place you found an idea?  And this doesn’t just have to apply to authors–I’ve had ideas about my garden, about inventions, about making the kitchen an easier place to work.  everyone can contribute.

I don’t think it’s my most unusual idea or my most unusual place, but the combination was weird enough–when we were traveling through a forest in France with a busload of teenagers (don’t ask, the answer is painful), I suddenly had the image of a silver-haired waif floating silently between the trees, unable to speak but searching for something elusive.  That idea became one of my first books–Silver Enchantress.  I think mood speaks to me as much as anything else.