Once Upon A Time…

Once upon a time….

Don’t lots of good tales begin with “once upon a time?”  This tale started when three historical romance authors kicked around a familiar topic: to blog, or not to blog.  Blogging looked like it could be a fun way to connect with readers, but who had the time?  Not only were we all busy (isn’t everyone?), but I suspect that most writers, at heart, don’t think we’re very interesting.

            But our friends are very interesting!  A group blog would have a wider reach while reducing the amount of work per author.  It’s a rare person who can be witty seven days a week.  But seven authors working together might be able to manage it.  Particularly if some have pseudonyms, which would offer even more possibilities. 

            The first three wannabes did a wish list of other writers we’d like to blog with.  The list included authors whom we knew and admired—other long-term veterans of the storytelling business. 

            We sent hopeful invitations to the wish list.  They all accepted.  Joy!  Bliss!  Panic! 

            To make our lives easier, we also enlisted a taskmistress—a site manager who would learn the techie stuff and keep us in line.  We also found a most excellent web goddess to design a simple look with a touch of historical ambience. 

            And here we are.  All seven of us started in historical romance, or that special subset known as Regency romance.  We all still write historical romance—and proud of it!—though several of us have added other strings to our bows.  We want to chat about the writing life, interesting bits of history, and whatever takes our fancy.

            Mostly, we’d like to write about what interests you, the readers.  Blogging is an interactive activity (though not, we hope, a contact sport!)  Let us know what you’d like to hear about—comments are very easy to post. 

            Do you want to know where we get ideas?  (Everywhere, but the details are interesting.  <g>)

            Would you like a scholarly dissertation on childbirth in the early 19th century?  On the history of contraceptives?  Or how crazed writers sound when they’re on deadline and the !#$%&* computer crashes? (That is not a pretty sight!)

            Ask questions, make comments.  Let’s have fun together.

            Let the blogging begin!

Mary Jo Putney