And the Wieners Are …

Hotdog Christine Himsl-Rayner won an autographed Loretta Chase book for suggesting the chicken blog topic!  Our visitors can win a book by suggesting ideas for blog topics.  Just send your suggestions to Sherrie, and if a Wench chooses your suggestion as a blog topic, you’ll win a book!

Hotdog_2 Georgie Lee, you are also a book winner, for leaving a comment on Loretta’s chicken blog. That’s another way to win a Wench book–leave a comment.  Congratulations to our two wieners!  (Georgie, please send your mailing address to Sherrie at and let her know how you’d like the book signed–plain autograph, or personalized)


Michelle Buonofiglio over at Romance B(u)y the Book is offering a sneak preview of Loretta’s next book, Your Scandalous Ways, to be released in June of 2008.  Loretta would love for Wench readers to get a sneak peek, too. You can read the excerpt by clicking this link:  And here’s a bonus:  a sneak peek at the gorgeous cover:

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