About to push “Send!”

by Mary Jo

Some books are harder to write than than others and some seem like they will NEVER END!  I’m on the verge of pushing the send button on the book that has taken over my life: Golden Lord, which comes after Silver Lady, which released in December.   The hero is Cade, who was the brother in Silver Lady and my best guess is that it will be out in December 2024, but no promises!  I like the characters but they’ve been pretty recalcitrant.

Once I push that button, I look forward to a lot of time just sleeping!  And not looking forward to a massive office and house clean up. (Not going to show you any pictures of my desk–I have some pride!)  Princess Flufferbella keeps me company in the office, but you can see she’s looking rather bored.

This is going to be a really short blog since I’m not quite yet at the button pushing stage, but here’s a question for you: what kind of projects have you gotten bogged down in that you thought would never end?  And what did you do to celebrate when you finally finished?  Flufferbella and I want to know!

Mary Jo, looking forward to doing nothing


15 thoughts on “About to push “Send!””

  1. Oh, Mary Jo, wishing you all the best as you draw closer towards the END and the SEND button. I’m also in the same territory, and from this end it sometimes seems that it’s never going to get there, and the words grind exceeding slow! But you’ll be sending soon, and I hope to follow on your heels. And then, RELAX!

  2. I sympathize. I’m in the middle of (another) endless book right now. My retirement project–tweaking and publishing omnibus editions of backlist titles–hit a snag with the four early romances I decided to collect as The Maine Quartet. Rereading them makes me wonder how on earth they were ever published, even in the late 1980s and early to mid 1990s as contemporary category romance. I keep going through them, especially the 1980s one, to do more editing for wordiness, purple prose, and some truly cringeworthy bits of dialogue and action on the part of my “hero.” I think the end is finally in sight, but I’ve made so many changes that I know I need to proofread everything at least once more just to make sure no typos got in when I made them. Good thing I don’t have a deadline! I’m looking forward to reading Golden Lad.

  3. Anne–I know you’re in similar straits and it won’t be long until we BOTH heave vast sighs of relief from opposite sides of the world! Now I’m off to edit the last pages I wrote yesterday….

  4. I hope that once you are past the button pushing event, you can take a deep breath and look around and enjoy….the sky, the birds, the scent of spring, and the tender looks of those who love you. And if some of those have fur, even nicer.

    • What a lovely comment, Annette! What I see around me now is mostly gray and rainy but the earth is surely loving it. I’m waiting for my brain to return from the long vacation it has earned!

  5. Congratulations as you near the end of Golden Lord, Mary Jo. I hope you’ll soon be hitting that SEND button.

    Writing my PhD dissertation was a project that I feared would never end. A day or two after my oral defense, I flew cross country to join my now husband. It is the ONLY time I have ever slept through take off; I was awoken before landing. (I rarely sleep on airplanes.) Enjoy your post-book snoozing!

    • Kareni–

      Dissertations are TOTALLY in the category of ‘nightmares that seem like they will never end!” That’s why there are so many ABDs. But you did it! A PhD is a badge of honor always.

  6. Oh, heavens! There are so many bogged-down projects in my history! Book One of the Lyons Pride was written during what I describe as The Summer of Suck, which featured a car accident and two family visits to the ER (nothing fatal, fortunately). Not surprisingly, my concentration went off the rails and I was more than ready to sign off on the book by year’s end.

    Then there were the stories that broke off in the middle and stayed that way for years. My current WIP is the resumption of a novel I started in 2018 until real-life events disrupted progress. But a re-read convinced me that the story held up pretty well, so I’m immersing myself in that world again with the goal of finishing this year.

    But the short story I started in 1997 and finally completed in 2022 holds the dubious honor of taking longest to see the light of day. When it was done, I celebrated with cake (if I recall correctly) and treated myself to several days of reading books I hadn’t written!

    Talking of which, congratulations on SILVER LADY’s release! And I look forward to reading GOLDEN LORD!

    • A writer’s lot is not an easy one, but you get a gold star for persistence. I’m sorry there have been so many derailments, but you’re a good writer and it sounds like the Muse is always ready to reboot. Good luck on the WIP!


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