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Pat Rice here: Today, we’re going to play a little game called Looking Out My Window. The idea originally came from https://www.window-swap.com/Window at the start of Covid. Anne Gracie blogged about it.

We’ll turn the idea about a bit. Each of us has written a short piece about what we see from the window of our writing space—but I won’t name who wrote the piece. Instead, I have labeled them A, B, C, etc. Let’s have a little fun guessing who wrote which piece, and it would be lovely if you add what you see out your window!


garden and wallThis is a bit tough. I can’t actually see out my office window unless I stand up. I can see the flash of raven shadows as they stop by for a drink from our birdbath. Locating my desk this way is deliberate. I’d never get anything done elsewise. But here’s what I see if I stand and look out. We’re going on vacation shortly, and our daughter is leaving at the same time, and consequently, we have no one to hand water the potted plants. So this is not the usual view. Most of the pretty plants have been moved to a corner where they’re not visible from this angle. We’ve set up a sprinkler to rain on that corner. The hardy geranium is the main pot you see, and the irrigation system should take care of it. There is no tomato in the tomato cage yet, but that’s a small corner of my husband’s vegetable garden. The orange tree is covered with oranges, although they’re hard to see from here. We’ve grown that immense staghorn fern on the fence since it was a little fella. Had to divide it at one point because it got too heavy. The clivia is getting way too much sun now that the carrotwood tree has been trimmed. I can’t see the blooms on the camellia, but I know they’re there. I’ll have to hope that back corner survives while we’re gone!


I love looking through a window. I have a large collection of photos I’ve taken of views through the windows of hotel rooms and other places I’ve stayed in. I think it’s the framing of the view that appeals, giving both a focus  and a limit.trees outside window

The room I work in has several windows facing in three different directions, which makes it lovely and light. The window I’m showing is quite high — higher than my head, in fact, and runs the length of the room. It faces east so it’s the first one to catch the morning sun. Because I have several ornaments arranged along the window ledge, it throws shadows on the wall. The horse rider silhouette you can see is a bronze statuette that my father gave me many years ago. I’m very fond of it. I also have a line of elephants, and when the sun hits them, there’s a line of shadow elephants on the wall, which always makes me smile. And in the evening, I can often see the rising moon  through that window, shining through the trees.


garden windowI do love windows, especially old ones, which feel as though they are a gateway to the past. All my windows are modern though.

The room I write in is big, with floor to ceiling windows on two sides and in the roof to allow the light to flood in. It is noticeably brighter than the rest of the house and always has a “wake up” effect when I step into it. It faces north west and the windows look out over the garden. During the day the sun creeps around the back of the house and pops up in the garden in the afternoon. It can get quite hot in there but because some of the windows double up as bifold doors I can open them up to let the fresh air in. My writing table is right by the window so it’s lovely to sit there, feel the breeze and smell the flowers. In the evening both the room and the garden are lit by multi-coloured lights so it is as though the outside and the inside become one lovely room when the windows are open.


lawnThe view from my window is not as exciting at the moment as it is during other parts of the year (see second photo when it’s bow window with chairenclosed in beautiful green leaves that give my writing room an almost magical feel). I can see our large garden, the lawn where a pheasant has been strutting his stuff recently, and in the distance there are fields and hills. Hidden from view unless I stand up is a large patch of daffodils and the recently flowering bluebells, as well as several blossoming trees that are round the corner. No sheep with lambs in the fields as yet – it’s been too wet! – but the local farmer has promised they’ll be out soon!


stained glassBoth realistically and metaphorically, windows are wonderful things, letting in light and showing us wider horizons.  When I was house hunting over thirty years ago, I was having trouble finding a house I loved since the area I was interested in is primarily traditional homes.  A center hall colonial is all very well, but I wanted something different.

I found it when I walked in the front door with my realtor and could see all the way through the house to the living room’s wall of eight large, tall windows.  The view is always lovely, showing trees and wildlife and midnight darkness.  Inside I hung this stained glass panel to vary the view.  I think it goes rather nicely with the woods.


With the arrival of spring and milder weather (though we’re mostly cool and windy still!), I’m starting to spend more time on our back porch, where the view and the atmosphere are perfect for lots of quiet, peaceful screen porchwriting time (aside from lawn mowers!). Just now the trees are still bare and there’s debris from winter and spring winds, but the view will improve as soon as the weather warms up, the trees go green, the hydrangeas bloom, and the flowers are in for the summer. Already the cardinals and blue jays and robins are skimming from tree to tree, adding pretty dashes of color and happy chirping. Very soon I’ll be out here every day with laptop and notebook working on the next new book!


model ship in windowI have two favorite spots in my house for writing. There is a loveseat tucked away in a corner that gives a lovely view of the treetops and ever-changing sky. There’s a lot of bird life around me, so often there are crows flitting from branch to branch or hawks circling overhead. In late afternoon—the window faces west—the blinds throw wonderful patterns of light across room. And when I’m stuck on an element of the story, my vintage English pond yacht is a good reminder to spread my inner sails and let my imagination catch the wind set off on a journey.preying mantis on screen

I also write in my ground floor study, where a swath of the back lawn outside the window by my desk often has squirrels and rabbits cavorting, along with the occasional deer or wild turkey. My neighbors often walk by with their dogs and stop and chat. And once in a while, an overzealous reader tries to catch a sneak peek at my work-in-progress!

Pat again: If I’m really good, I’ll come back on Sunday and post the answers. I wish there were a way for you to post images in comments but we haven’t conquered that one yet! So, who belongs to what window?








10 thoughts on “AAW: Out My Window”

  1. Thanks for the lovely post. Your pictures are not only charming but they provide a “window” (did you get what I did there?) into who you are and what gives you joy. Thanks again. I know that each of you have a place that gives you what you need to make you happy. That is what life should do for us.

    • Yes, I get what you did there! Very clever and something I should have worked into the blog if I’d had my thinking cap on. The wenches really are blessed in many ways, but our readers are the best part!

  2. Great pictures and such fun to try and place each with one of you. I’ll definitely check back on Sunday. My picks are: A Mary Jo, B Pat, C Anne, D Nicole, E Andrea, F Susan, G Christina.
    I moved 3 years ago and now live on the fifth (top) floor. When I am sitting, unless very close to the windows, my view is almost entirely sky. I love it, as it is never the same from minute to minute. Unless there was something spectacular, like a sunset or storm clouds rolling it, or an eclipse of any nature, I had not truly appreciated how fascinating the sky could be.

  3. Fully expecting to be entirely wrong, I’ll say
    A Pat
    B Anne
    C Christina
    D Susan
    E Andrea
    F Nicola
    G Mary Jo

    As I ponder my answers, I’m looking across our lawn to the church across the street, where the kids from the basement nursery school are lining up, holding hands, to take their daily walk around the neighborhood. The window faces southeast and provides lovely morning light. It’s my favorite reading/tea drinking/contemplation spot.

  4. Ha! This is a fun game. I think I know my fellow Wenches quite well but I don’t think I would have got all of these right. But what lovely, varied views!


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