A Third Georgette Heyer Quiz

Anne here, and today for your entertainment, I’m presenting another quiz — the third Georgette Heyer quiz, where we test your knowledge of her novels. It’s just for fun, and it doesn’t matter if you get most of them wrong, but I hope some of the quotes will make you smile, and encourage you to read (or reread) her books.

Make a note of your answers, check them on the link at the bottom and come back and tell us how you went, and whether you enjoyed it, found it too hard or too easy.

1)  “M’sieur, I am as a slave to my wife.” He kissed the tips of his fingers. “I am as the dirt beneath her feet.” He clasped his hands. “I must bestow on her all that she desires, or die!”
“Pray make use of my sword, ” invited X. “It is in the corner behind you.”
Who is X in this encounter?
a) Sir Tristram Shield
b) The Marquis of Alverstoke
c) The Duke of Avon
d) Lord Damerel

2) “Talking to you is like — like talking to an eel!” she said.
“No, is it? I’ve never tried to talk to an eel. Isn’t it as waste of time?”
“Not such a waste of time as talking to you!”
Who is she talking to?
a) Lord Damerel
b) The Earl of Rule
c) Lord Vidal
d) Miles Calverleigh

3)  “You don’t feel you could marry me instead? Got no brains, of course, and I ain’t a handsome fellow, like Jack, but I love you. Don’t think I could ever love anyone else.”
Who is proposing in this speech?
a) Ferdy Fakenham
b) The Earl of Rule
c) Freddy Standen
d) Viscount Sheringham

4) “Have you any brothers?” demanded X.
“No,” said Y, blinking at him. “Only child.”
“You relieve my mind. Offer my congratulations to your parents!”
Who is X?
a)  The Duke of Sale
b)  Sir Horace Stanton-Lacy
c)  Lord Rule
d)  Mr Beaumaris

5)  “Your fate is writ clear; you will be murdered. I cannot conceive how it comes about that you were not murdered long since!”
“How odd! X himself once said that to me, or something like it!”
“There is nothing odd in it; any sensible man must say it!”
Whose fate is writ clear?
a)  Sophy Stanton-Lacy
b)  Sarah Thane
c)  Phoebe Laxton
d)  Arabella Tallant

6) Which lord said, amongst other things, “that he did not propose to burden the doctor with the details of his genealogy. He consigned the doctor and all his works, severally and comprehensively described, to hell, and finished up his epic speech by a pungent and Rabelaisian criticism of the whole race of leeches.”
a) Lord Damerel
b) Lord Vidal
c) Lord Wrotham
d) The Duke of Avon

7)  “I may have said that I wanted to have an adventure,” replied X. “But I never said that I wanted to be murdered in my bed.”
Who is X in this quote?
a)  Prudence Tremaine
b)  Phoebe Marlowe
c)  Miss Thane
d)  Judith Taverner

8)  “X choked. It took a great deal of back-slapping to restore him, and when he was at last able to catch his breath again, his eyes were watering and his countenance was alarmingly flushed.
‘Well, what the deuce!’ exclaimed Y, eyeing him in surprise.
‘Crumb’ gasped X.
‘Crumb? You weren’t eating anything!’
‘Must have been,’ said X feebly.”
Who is X in this exchange?
a)  Ferdy Fakenham
b)  Freddy Standen
c)  Hugo Darracott
d) George Wrotham

9)   “X was contemplating with grim misgiving the prospect of encountering vivacity at the breakfast-table for the rest of his life…”
Who is X?
a)  Hugo Darracott
b)  Nick Beauvallet
c)  Capt. John Staples
d)  Sir Tristram Shield

10)  Who dressed in boys’ clothes and climbed out of a window in order to avoid being proposed to by a man who looked like a fish?
a) Eustacie de Vauban
b) Nell Stornaway
c) Horatia Winwood
d) Penelope Creed

11) “As soon as one promises not to do something, it becomes the one thing above all others that one most wishes to do.”
Who said this? 
a) Venetia
b) Miss Thane
c) Annis Wychwood
d) Tiffany Weild

12) “She decided that her wisest course would be to put him out of her mind. After reaching this conclusion she lay thinking about him until at last she fell asleep.”
Who is “she?
a)  Prudence Tremaine
b)  Phoebe Marlowe
c)  Serena Carlowe
d)  Ancilla Trent

13)  “[…]my memory is reasonably good—unlike yours, dear sir!”
“Mine is erratic,” he said imperturbably. “I remember only what interests me.”
Who has the conveniently erratic memory?
a)  Pelham  Winwood
b)  Kit Grantham
c)  Lord Rule
d)  The Marquis of Alverstoke

14) “Remind me one day to teach you how to achieve a sneer, X. Yours is too pronounced, and thus but a grimace. It should be but a faint curl of the lips.”
Who is speaking?
a)  The Duke of Avon
b)  The Duke of Sale
c)  The Duke of Salford
d)  The Marquis of Alverstoke

To find the correct answers, click on this link. Give yourself a point for each correct answer, and an extra point if you can identify the book. Then come back and tell us how you did, and whether you enjoyed it or not.

69 thoughts on “A Third Georgette Heyer Quiz”

  1. 10 out of 14.

    A couple of my favourites here, including 2 & 6 (the doctor is undaunted by the insults & goes on to praise such a command of French by an Englishman)

  2. What fun! 12 out of 14. One of my favorite funny scenes from Black Sheep. It always makes me laugh. Their repartee is so much fun no matter how many times i read it.

  3. i love these quizzes! Amazingly, I only missed 3. Now, of course, I want to read a Heyer book — but which one to choose?

    • Well done, Jane. Never ask me for a Heyer favourite — she wrote so many good ones. A while back I reread The Talisman Ring, which I hadn’t read since I was a teen. It wasn’t a favorite back then, but this time around I loved it, and have reread it several times since. So I think you’re pretty safe in choosing any.

  4. I got 7. Disappointed with myself as once I saw the right answer I knew it immediately! Great fun though.

  5. 8 correct – which only points out the ones I need to re-read immediately! Took the quiz while in a dentist’s waiting room – very hard not to laugh out loud! Love these quizzes, Anne!

  6. Love these quizzes! I did not to bad on account of rereading a few of these books recently! Georgette’s humour is excellent no matter how many times you’ve read the book. Thanks for a great pick-me-up!

  7. I did quite badly. Only 4 right, and the only answers I was sure of were 1 & 3. The rest were wild guesses. There are quite a few of Heyer’s books I haven’t read, and others I read decades ago. And I missed the quote from the one book I’ve read multiple times, Devil’s Cub!

  8. Only got 9 – should have been more! Great fun indeed. Have passed on to my sister, another devotee. We discovered GH as pre teens – had to sneak them from the adult library!!
    Many thanks.

    • Thanks, Eliza — that’s almost exactly how I discovered Heyer, too. In my case it was a dare from a friend to try to borrow from the adult section of the library. We were eleven. She suggested Heyer, who was a favourite of her mother’s. I did it, successfully borrowed These Old Shades, and never looked back.

  9. Great fun! 11 out of 14. Love Freddy’s heartfelt proposal. And Sir Tristram’s horror at encountering vivacity at the breakfast table is priceless! Best of all was having 2 quotes from my very favourite, These Old Shades.

  10. That was fun! 12/14 (or 22/28 if you count the book titles) – a little disappointed in myself I got the last one wrong as TOS was my very first Heyer and I’ve re-read it innumerable times 😉.

    • Sue, when I make up these questions, I work quite hard to provide plausible alternative answers for the questions — yes, my evil plan — so don’t be disappointed. Thanks for playing.

  11. Love a quiz! 13 out of 14 for characters and 22 out of 28 for characters and titles. So annoyed didn’t get Venetia! 😂🤦‍♀️

    • Glad you enjoyed it, Ann. And your score is excellent. As I said to Sue, above, I try to provide plausible alternative answers for the questions and trick you. Sorry-not-sorry.

  12. Yay 11 right. Can’t believe I missed Sir Tristram. Great fun. How do I find the first two quizzes please?

      • I got 14 as well. The only one that made me hesitate for more than half a second was number 11. It must be longer than I thought since I read that novel–time for yet another reading!

  13. Thank you SO much for this quiz! Only got 4 right, which made me cross, because as soon as saw the answer, I realised I knew it. Been years since I re read her books, but I am going back to them now. Going for 10/10 in the next
    quiz! Thank you again for your time

  14. I missed two but I recognised the quotes just misplaced them. Loved this and it was a great way to capture some of Ms Heyers sparkling wit. Thankyou.

    • Thanks, Maria. Part of my hope in writing this quiz is to encourage people who haven’t read Heyer to read her — and, of course, to give those of us who know and love her books a small smile as we revisit favourite scenes and exchanges.

  15. That was an entertaining endeavor even though I received an embarrassingly low score. Thank you for the quiz, Anne!

    • Kareni, you read so many books that it’s not surprising that particular details escape you, so no cause for embarrassment here. As I said, this is just for fun.

  16. All correct! And the books too! I wasn’t at all sure of a couple and did guess. Definitely need to re-read a couple…

    I like how you’ve given the answer options so there are at least 2 characters that could have said the quote 😊.

    • Well done — that’s an excellent result. And yes, I do try to make the alternative answers quite plausible and tricky.

  17. So my score was, one I couldn’t decide on # 4 so , 3 I missed (7, 10, 14) pooh, and 10 were correct. Not bad at all. Obviously I must re-read the books where I got the answers wrong! Grin.

    Thanks for the quiz! it was a lovely way to end the day.

  18. Great quiz! It is hard to find quotations from characters that give a sense of who is speaking without giving the whole thing away. Well done 🙂

    Much to my surprise, I got 11 correct (3 wrong). The ones I missed were from books I haven’t reread much – Arabella, Venetia, The Nonesuch.

  19. What fun, thank you! 14 out of 14, yay! But I’ve been reading and re-reading Heyer for years and years. “Do you find fenceposts more responsive than eels?”

  20. Thank you for this joyful leap into my favourite world… 14 out of 14 as a result of decades of rereading and now listening to our beloved GH. So many laughs, adventures, appreciation of turns of phrase and great characterisation and repartee…ahh happiness is any time spent here 💜


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