A Christmas Carol

title page of A Christmas CarolPat Rice here:

A Christmas Carol is one of my favorite Charles Dickens’ books. I know it’s been made into dozens of movies and has a million editions. I did not know that he was so fussy about how the first edition was printed that he barely made any money on it, even though it was published December 19 and sold out by Christmas. I cannot possibly give you all the fascinating historical information about this beloved tale. Some interesting tidbits here: https://www.arts.gov/stories/blog/2020/ten-things-know-about-charles-dickens-christmas-carol

Hope you had a lovely Christmas and Scrooge turns nice in the new year for you!

4 thoughts on “A Christmas Carol”

  1. What a fun post, Pat! I shared the link with my husband who reread A Christmas Carol just a few days ago. He also enjoyed his annual viewing of the movie starring George C. Scott.

  2. Pat every year I read an abridged version of A Christmas Carol with my adult literacy class, and every year they were delighted to recognize the many versions they’d seen on TV, and to realize that the original was 200 years old — and that they were reading it! Okay they were reading a simplified version, but it had all the essentials and they loved it and it gave them confidence — which was the point.


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