A Balancing Act

The cat who lives at the Point—a neighborhood fixture
A thistle by the roadside.

Andrea here, thinking today about modern life—and how all its complexities seem to make it more and more difficult to balance all the stresses that seem to bombard us every day. Things feel so fraught on so many levels. I don’t know about you, but I’m find myself opening the morning newspaper with a sense of dread of what’s going on in the world. And then there are all the myriad things we deal with on a personal level . . .

The Point in winter

I find that a key to keeping on an even keel is a daily ritual of “detoxing” from all those stresses. And for me, it’s a daily walk—usually in the afternoon or early evening after I’ve finished my writing for the day, no matter what the season is. I call it my plotting walk because I often think about how to unravel some plot knot in which I’ve entangled myself!

But along with book thoughts, I’m also very mindful of noticing the natural world around me. I’m a visual person, and I love spotting little details—the colors of the flowers, the light on the trees or water, textures, birds and animals that capture my fancy.

So I thought I’d share some of the things I see along my daily journey and talk about why the walk is important to my sense of well-being. I follow pretty much the same route, as I’m fortunate enough to live in a charming New England town right by Long island Sound, which offers and endless variety of interesting sights, both along the country lanes and the winding road along the harbor out to a point overlooking the Sound. The midpoint of my walk, where I turn around and take a different home is usually The Point, where the harbor channel opens up into LI Sound.

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