Romance Tropes

The Kiss – Francesco Hayez

Christina here. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but it seems to be a trend on social media for authors to describe their books with a list of tropes instead of a blurb, like this for example:-

  • **Forced proximity
  • **Only one bed
  • **Brother’s best friend
  • **Opposites attract

It gives a sort of “snapshot” of the plot and what to expect, and I suppose it’s a good way for readers to see if the story appeals to them as we all have our likes and dislikes. Some authors even ask their readers to vote on which tropes they’d like to see included in the next book before it’s written! I find that a slightly cynical approach. Sure, it supposedly guarantees that people will enjoy the story as they’ve asked for it, but IMO it goes against the way a novel should be written – from the heart. If we’re going to let others decide what we’re writing about, will it be as genuine as if we came up with the idea unaided? There are probably pros and cons, and everyone should be free to do things their way, but personally I would struggle to write to order like that.

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