Mary Jo Putney interviews Anne Gracie

Mary Jo here. I had the great good fortune to get an early read of our Wench Anne Gracie’s upcoming release of THE HEIRESS’S DAUGHTER, which will be released May 21st.  It’s third in her Brides of Bellaire Gardens series.
MJP: Anne, your set-up for this series is unusual since many readers probably aren’t familiar with the private gardens that are sometimes created within blocks of London houses.  The space is shared by residents so they must interact together.  Do you have any idea where this lovely idea came from?

Anne: I saw some of these gardens on line and I instantly wanted to set a series in one. At the time (some years ago) I was thinking that I might set a mystery series there, where some of the residents might notice a few odd things and eventually put their observations (and heads) together and solve the mystery, but that never eventuated and I set a romance series there instead. It’s ideal for having people interact in a different setting.
Interestingly, after the first book came out, Wench Christina told me she’d lived in a house backing onto a garden like this.

MJP:  The Heiress’s Daughter has a number of continuing characters who share that space.  This story’s heroine, Clarissa, was there from book #2, The Rake’s Daughter.  Can you tell us something about her?

Anne: Clarissa and her illegitimate half-sister Izzy arrived at Bellaire Gardens in book #2. Clarissa is the daughter of a heartless rake and an heiress. Having watched her father break her mother’s heart over and over again, she’s extremely wary of being married for her money, and especially of marrying a rake. Like her mother, she’s not particularly pretty and is shy and a little plump and not very confident. You can see why in the prologue.
But she’s a loyal and loving person, and readers really warmed to her in the previous book. After the previous book, I got a flurry of emails asking when Clarissa’s story would come out.

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