Walmer Castle—Guns, Gardens and History!

Andrea here, musing today about another facet of The Diamond of London, my just-published fictional biography on Lady Hester Stanhope. Along with Lady Hester, the book features a number of larger-than-life personages from the Regency era whose lives intertwined with hers. By its very nature, a biography is about people. But in Lady Hester’s case, “place” also had a profound influence on her life.

She grew up at Chevening, one of the grand country houses in England (it now serves as the unofficial country residence of Great Britain’s Foreign Secretary of Great Britain) and also lived at 10 Downing Street while serving at private secretary and hostess to her uncle, William Pitt the Younger while he was prime minister. But the place closest to her heart, and where she blossomed into her adult life and sharpened her strength of character and many talents—including garden design—was at Walmer Castle, a coastal fortress in Kent with a rich and fascinating history.

So I thought I would take you on a short tour of this storied place.

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