(1) Guest Stephanie Laurens (2) Book Winners

On Wednesday, February 3, Jo Beverley will host an interview with award winning author, Stephanie StephanieLaurens Laurens.  Stephanie started out as a research scientist, but somewhere along the way she decided to write a book, and that changed her life forever.  Join us on Wednesday and see what Stephanie has to say about her decision to switch careers to become a writer.

A-Winner We had a number of book winners in January, including the following:  Cynthia, Carol Thompson, and Maureen Emmons won books from Jo.  Elaine Ransil won a book from guest Lauren Willig.  Clare Cronin won a book from guest Amanda McCabe/Laurel McKee.  And Linda Henderson, Nancy Mayer, Gillian Layne, Edith Isaaks, and Lee Benning all won books from guest Laura Kinsale. And last but not least, our two newest winners are Barbara Elness and Shelia January, who won books from Karen Harper.  Congratulations winners!

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